The principals of design & manufacture

Our watch design company takes on a multitude of projects that extend from the principals of design and manufacture. Before an item of jewellery is created, a group of concepts are rendered and presented to the client before we progress onto detailed technical drawings generated by our in-house design studio. We produce each project using a combination of traditional and innovative approaches by utilising our detailed knowledge of materials, fabrication techniques, composition, how the product fits and market trends.

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A basis for CNC & 3D prototypes

Recent shifts in computer-aided design has opened the possibilities of working in 3D packages (Rhinoceros 3D) and 2D illustration techniques using Adobe suite. A CAD model is used as a basis for CNC or 3D printed models across a multitude of processes.

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An initial consultation is scheduled with you to discuss the range of options and ideas of the project.

We’ll sketch out ideas and get some design in place using CAD software to present.

If the project calls for it we can take design further by stating the model making process. We liaise directly with high-end prototype facilities to produce beautifully details models.

Let’s get the product made! We talk to manufacturers across the world every day and have released a large list of items to market through our network of factories and suppliers.

Hands on approach

We focus on the delicate details and flourishes of a product that might be difficult or impossible for others to achieve. By combining this attitude with a very hands on approach to craftsmanship, we can communicate complex ideas to jewellery buyers simply and easily. The best part of the process is you get to have more say in the ideas than ever before by envisaging exactly how you’d like the accessory to look. The industry has progressed so far from a jeweller simply sitting at a bench that it is not possible to tap you own ideas with the assistance of CAD.

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