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Theatre Publicity Ideas

By October 9, 2019January 25th, 2020DESIGN, DIGITAL, PRINT

Theatre Publicity Ideas for “Cinderella”

LODS | LEIGH OPERATIC & DRAMATIC SOCIETY approached us to design a range of theatre publicity ideas to fit their previously announced productions of “Cinderella”, “Our House” and “Shrek”. The diverse styles of each show would lend themselves to significantly different approaches to the visual promotion. Take the first Musical “Cinderella” as an example -it needs to appear timeless with a classic approach to imagery and typography. The other challenge is distancing itself from the world of pantomime as we are concentrating solely on the Musical interpretation (a production that is arguably far less known!)

The licensors that supply the rights to this show have extremely rigid rules in what can go on the promotional materials. These include:

  • Copyright terms and conditions.
  • The ratio of typography when it comes to the production title itself in relation to the society, directors and writers.

It becomes quite the balancing act when coupled with the individual needs of each asset across printed and digital media.

theatre publicity ideas cinderalla banner the musical lods leigh operatic and dramatic society author studios.jpg
theatre publicity ideas cinderalla the musical lods leigh operatic and dramatic society author studios
theatre publicity ideas cinderalla banner 2 the musical lods leigh operatic and dramatic society author studios

A Series of Formatted Assets

Once an established aesthetic had been created the style was formatted to a predefined list of assets needs to promote the show both online and offline. This includes:

  • Printed flyers and posters from A5 through to A2 in varying amounts.
  • Interior and exterior banners.
  • Digital and social media assets.
  • Publicity stickers.

When considering digital assets it’s important to prioritise the varying sizes and requirements for each social media platform. This includes the visible and cropped areas on images that people often forget about when uploading. The trick is to create an impactful image that ticks all the boxes!

theatre publicity ideas our house the musical logo concept lods author studios

“Our House” Theatre Publicity Ideas

We previously assisted LODS | LEIGH OPERATIC & DRAMATIC SOCIETY with promoting the production of “ALL SHOOK UP” where we inherited the entire publicity machine to promote the show. We received incredible results with the theatrical trailer and character reveals in the show’s build up. This time around we’re simply supplying a library of assets to be utilised and applied by the society itself across events and online channels.

“Our House” and “Shrek” would have to be treated very differently. Firstly, to avoid any confusion with the audience  the shows need to be announced online completely separately to the current production. And as we already mentioned, each show has a very different look and feel. For example,  “Our House” would need to feel modern and responsive to fit with the vision of the Director’s ideas. With subtle hints to the tired and noticeably aged style of the original West End publicity material, we managed to produce an original concept that remains eye-catching and in-keeping with the production.

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