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We pride ourselves on creating professional photography for an extensive range of applications from creative executions to technical and for the purposes of documenting. Working to a brief set by our clients we produce exceptionally high quality examples to use through your brand. Our offer extends across all manner of content from events through to fashion shoots, food, clothing, landscapes and products. Our agency is well equipped to schedule projects to fit into clients’ routines. We work with everyone, from private businesses to organisations in the education and public sector.

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We specialise in a range of areas across photography including:

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Fine Art

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Getting the right image

Before starting any project we discuss the images required and how you wish to use them. We will in-turn assist you in finding appropriate subjects and opportunities to finalise the brief set. A great deal of time is spent researching styles and preparing for the shoot, looking at everything from the different locations required to considering the circumstances associated in getting the right image.

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Finished images in a design context

Communication is a strong asset in our arsenal professional photography studio, particularly when working with models and in fashion shoots when direction and encouragement is essential. We excel in the consistency in product and scene arrangement and of course as we are an in-house creative agency, we also house other professional capabilities including graphic design. This makes your life easier when it comes to the implementation of the finished images in a design context.

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We adapt to any circumstance

Our studio manages the processing and use of the images created, discussing any technical limitations that may likely occur at each part and any concerns you may have throughout the process. We adapt to any circumstance and have experience working in a variety of locations involving all weather conditions, the remotest of locations and in very cramped studios!

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Professional photography at the heart of Leigh-on-Sea

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