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We undertake projects focussed on point-of-sale display design that specialise in promotion found near, on or next to counters on shop floors. Intended to draw the attention of consumers to new products, promotions and special offers, we also promote special events during seasonal or holiday sales. POS displays range from shelf edging, display packs, stands, mobiles, posters and banners. We work with established manufacturers and distributors directly so we can bring innovative ideas to you first.

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Solutions that cover any application

POS displays are usually disposable and have a limited lifespan that are easy to put together. They also offer a cheap solution to act as display shelving for lightweight items. Combining POS with transportation packaging is often undertaken to reduce costs and potential wastage in the product. Our aim is to make sure the products are handled less thus reducing costs and in-turn profits. Combined with our eye-catching graphics we can offer solutions that cover any application.

Discuss your point-of-sale display design

Reduce assembly costs

Each unit is designed to be easily altered and repurposed as the product itself is repackaged or changed. Our conventional POS displays arrive in flat-packs so to allow easier and cheaper transportation and making damage less likely to occur. Assembly costs don’t fall on to the manufacturer either.

Our site is a stunning showcase of new, innovative, and classic engineering ideas. The new concepts cover a variety of design fields, including detailed templates showing interesting construction systems. We experiment with formats, shapes and folds created in a variety of materials designed to enthuse the client and end-user whilst inspiring them to expand their creative boundaries.

Discuss your point-of-sale display design

Point-of-sale design at the heart of Leigh-on-Sea

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