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We can assist in the implementation of pay-per-click advertising to direct traffic to your website. Major search engines offer the ability to pay for advertising that appears prominently on the results of a specific page. Typically, a strategy is put in place to bid for specific keywords and phrases associated with your business that is relevant to your target market. Depending on the strategy and where you are implementing it, the cost-per-click is either fixed or part of an auction-style process.

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Opportunities to purchase

PPC covers everything from display advertising like image-based banners or simple text-based elements. These can appear directly in search engines or across popular websites that have agreed to display advertising. The bonus with implementing a PPC strategy is that you are providing opportunities to purchase and interact wherever people may be surfing. Financial incentives (such as percentage of revenue) are offered to affiliated sites to actively promote content meaning that is based entirely on performance. If an affiliate does not generate sales then it represents no cost to the seller.

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Relevant content

Advertisements are automatically displayed on websites that utilise PPC when a match is made on a set keyword query when relevant content is displayed that you are interested in. Sponsored links and advertisements can be displayed along with organic search results and anywhere a web developer may wish to implement content.

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Effectiveness & profitability

The process can also be used to measure the cost effectiveness and profitability of internet marketing. Clicks are a way to measure attention and interest in your product or service. If we wish to generate a click through advertising, then PPC is the preferred metric. Once we have reached a specific number of impressions, the quality and placement of the visual or text advertisement will affect click through rates, and have a knock effect with the pay-per-click.

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Pay-per-click advertising at the heart of Leigh-on-Sea

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