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Marketing Campaign for Product Launch

By October 10, 2019January 25th, 2020DESIGN, DIGITAL, EXHIBITION, PHOTOGRAPHY, PRINT

Designing a Marketing Campaign for Product Launch

When organising WT Author’s marketing campaign for product launch it is centred around three key promotional tools:

  • Newsletter subscription
  • Social media communication
  • Regular real world exhibitions

Consistent use of all of the above stretches across the entire twelve month process from the product’s development all the way through to prototype sampling and final production.

Beautiful sketches of new collections are shared with followers from Day 1. They are raw and rough around the images but allow individual to view the idea from the conception. It also permits customers to share feedback and opinion surround each item to assist with the product’s on-going development. Once sketches have been finalised it moves onto creating CADs that present the watch in a technical manner and also pinpoints choices on such things as colour options. These are then upgraded to manufacturing drawings that iron out all minor discrepancies as well as producing a proof-of-concept.

The final drawings are released into the wild in April marking the official launch of the product where followers can place deposits all the way up until September.

marketing campaign for product launch wt author studios sketches
marketing campaign for product launch wt author studios technical drawings

Recording the Prototyping Process

The unique part to WT Author’s process is the guarantee of new designs every year. The joy comes from sharing every aspect of the product’s history LIVE to followers. By the time manufacturing drawings have been completed we move onto building prototypes. The process initially relies on producing items made from resin that allows any tweaks to be when it comes to building more developed samples of the final watch. These final samples aim to be almost perfect before processing for final manufacture and product photography for formal use such as the website. Here is where followers gain a first glimpse into what the collection looks like.

Ready for the Marketing Campaign for Product Launch

Between the month’s of September through to December the watch reaches final production. During this time it is important to keep all followers updated on the timeline of events leading up to delivery of their reserved product(s) to gain trust. Individuals can keep on track of everything from fundamental items such as packaging and printing through to the manufacture of the watch itself. Exhibitions in the lead up to Christmas strengthen this trust where customers can view the final products themselves.

marketing campaign for product launch wt author studios exploded drawings
marketing campaign for product launch wt author studios custom build watches
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