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Luxury Watch Website Template

A Luxury Watch Website Template Centred Around News Distribution

From the beginning, WT Author revolved around a constant stream of news and information. We designed a luxury watch website template that focussed on what was occurring in the day-to-day running of the brand. The primary source for this is social media, and by consistently sharing small pieces of news, much more comprehensive items can be distributed to the Home page newsfeed on a monthly basis.

The blog is the key-factor to the brand’s longevity. It’s important to give new and returning visitors indicators that you’re staying current. Always give users something new to digest and by relying on short bursts of news over a month, there’s already a pool of information to draw from. The result is a well articulated news article that is formatted as newsletter that’s distributed to the brand’s followers.

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Bringing Out the Personality from a Luxury Website Template

The entire story runs through the content of the website. This transparency’s reflected in an entire section that introduces the brand. Every facet from the brand’s values through to where to physically try on the products is outlined with beautiful photos and well-written copy. Ultimately, the site is about building a legacy that’s bolstered through a rich archive of products and information that will always remain documented. It’s as much about displaying products within a store environment as well as a digital museum once a product has sold out.

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Blurring the Digital and the Physical

The website communicates every aspect that goes on in the digital world as much as it does in the real world. The real world exhibitions that take place in so many locations across the UK and Europe is perfect content to promote through the website. Bringing our digital followers into the real world as much as possible is an important aspect, and building layers of trust when it comes to ease of communication comes into this. This interaction comes across as traditional contact forms. email, phone, real world and social media. But all of this operated from a real world environment, more specifically the Workshop for followers to realise that humans and personalities are at the centre of all of this.

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