In an age where there is instant access to anything at any time, we’ve come to value the beauty of exquisite objects that exist in the real world with you. Handmade watches are our priority and the focus is on exhibiting these items. Not only for the romance attached to them but the interaction they demand from the wearer – the weight of the handmade watches, the smell of the raw leather straps, the opening of the wax sealed packages and the mysteries inside.


Digital devices and applications are excellent and are integral to our lives, but the perfect way we’d hope a wearer to experience our products is as an eye-catching talking point knowing that the person next to you is never going to be wearing the same watch.


We are building a legacy, and something that will evolve and adapt. It is not a flash in the pan but something we will pass down. We create our products by instilling depth into every idea and this vision will be carried forward into everything we do.


Film: Burning Reel
Music: Soundsmiths
Post-production: Author Colour



Chapter numbers are assigned to pieces from the WT Author collection in the order they are released, with each one representing ideas and techniques from a specific point in time. We encompass each limited edition product with a unique character that is individual to the legacy. Each Chapter is finished with a short story to commemorate the release.


Every object is full of meaning and symbolism to intrigue the wearer. The case back is inspired by a casino chip to represent “the bet” we place when releasing a new Chapter. The signature red colour is selected so it is recognised across a room in the same way our dials are distinguished through the tuning fork shaped indices.


At 13:00, Friday, September 13, 2013, we launched the first Chapter dedicated to the memory of the patient teacher Wynn Phillips and the loving grandfather Thomas Hall – the first initial from both names are represented in the identity of our brand. For the debut release we looked to the beginnings of the gent’s wristwatch that came at the turn of the 20th century. Each year we release another Chapter moving onto another decade. Thirteen handmade watches to chart thirteen decades in the evolution of the wristwatch.



WT Author was founded by Jon and Sam in Birmingham, UK. As the brand’s founders and primary designers, engineers, makers, and photographers, we are the creative force behind the brand. This changed in 2015 when Sarah, a frequent collaborator became a full member of our team too.


We take pride in the quality of a highly personal service. The setup allows quick and thorough support meaning you are never placed into a queue. You can talk directly to any of the group by email, social media, phone, or post.


WT Author is entirely independent meaning we have no investors to answer to. This allows us to create freely – and bypass corpocracy. Every creative element from the website to the handmade watches is produced in-house by three people. The ultimate dream is to have complete manufacturing control.



Sam designs and engineers every component that surrounds the movement. Every product that is created in our Studio is limited, bespoke and very different by nature. Every Chapter is given room to breathe and develop organically. Each component has the opportunity to evolve allowing us to get under the skin of the object and pinpoint the aspects that need presenting. It permits us to be selfish and create something unique with expression and emotion without pandering to a trend.


We do not like copycats. WT Author is self-sufficient and relies on creating originality instead of creating an alternative style from an established name. The market is overcrowded by overpriced lookalikes, with very little or no ambition placed into introducing something new.


Our ideas are never diluted and rather than design Chapters for the sake of being a “bestseller”, we are more concerned with pushing a notion based on what we think is right. The world completely lacks personality, and so we decide to bring passion to the objects we produce. From the start we wanted items that remain honest and have character.



Jon builds every watch to order. Each product is assembled around a highly-reliable movement to give you the ability to maintain the watch with us directly or with another service. The Workshop is based in Shrewsbury where we receive each custom component. Each product is built and fitted with a precision movement that is tested beyond the usual quality standards. Our handmade leather straps are fitted onto the handmade watches, where it will sit in a sealed package with a signed book and limited edition print.


Every Chapter is limited to a specific number allowing you to select from a designated quantity (whether it is limited up to 125, 100 or just 25 pieces). Simply ask us if the number is still available, and if it is then it’s yours!


Each package is wax sealed and shipped to you for free. Everybody has access to our products at the same price wherever you are in the world.



Our leather watch straps are handmade in Britain using a variety of buffalo and Italian cow hide. Each strap is a reflection on the decade and refinement of each Chapter.


Everything from the product, the book, the screen print, and the package is brought together in our Workshop from every corner of the globe – from USA to South America, Asia to Switzerland and of course, Britain. The desire to remain fair, open, and collaborative has given us the ability to produce unique objects to ship all over the world.


The Workshop is located in a disused Royal Mail sorting office where we build and photograph everything for WT Author. The location has given us the flexibility to setup creative spaces and assembly units to manage every aspect of the brand.



Every Chapter is limited to varying capacities. The standard quartz handmade watches are limited to 125 pieces, the automatics are limited to 100 pieces and the Novelties are limited to 25 pieces. Exclusivity remains at the heart of WT Author.


Our products are bespoke as we take pride in individuality and keep everything highly personal. WT Author is against mass-production. It lies in authenticity and the beauty of the thing itself. There is no necessity to artificially add anything.


Our handmade watches are accompanied by a signed and numbered print to match the specific item. It sits alongside the graphics represented within the package and book.



We work with Get A Grip Studio, a Birmingham-based studio to produce the limited edition screen prints that accompany every Chapter.


We work with Pinegrove Leather, a renowned leather goods manufacturer based in Hebden Bridge to make the watch straps for Chapters Nº 1934, Nº 1940 and Nº 1953. We make the straps for our previous Chapters ourselves.


We work with Mark Wilkinson of Bear Industries, a Lincolnshire-based precision engineer to make all of our custom tools. His talent creates functional objects that are as beautiful as each Chapter.



Our products are built in Britain with British or imported parts. Each component is assembled around an existing movement and individually tested before delivery.


The group is highly creative with a sense of individuality to pull away from anything else on the market. We value design over any other aspect to allow us complete freedom.


We act on inherent cultural quirks and peculiarities to take our followers by surprise. Each Chapter is a celebration and snapshot of British eccentricity.



Our unfiltered passion behind every Chapter is allowed to manifest itself at every exhibition by speaking directly to each individual involved in the making of the product.


We tour across Europe throughout the year with our full collection. Check out the latest dates to see if our exhibition is near you right here.


We archive every Chapter we build. Our exhibition includes all sold out options, so visitors will always have the opportunity to view those that are no longer available.



We do not believe in influencers.


Our social media is personal and focuses on the journey and process. We share everything from the Workshop, Studio, exhibitions, and new collections throughout the year.


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