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How to Promote Theatre Productions

By May 20, 2019January 25th, 2020DESIGN, DIGITAL, PRINT

How to Promote Theatre Productions

When LODS | LEIGH OPERATIC & DRAMATIC SOCIETY approached Author Studios to support the publicity of its production of “ALL SHOOK UP we had three things in mind with how to promote theatre productions:

  1. Use of Colour – It is a colourful show so we proposed a strong, bright palette that would immediately draw attention from members of the public. We could lean on this as the most effective way to produce eye-catching visual assets across printed and digital media. This would also impact on photography and film.
  2. Brand Empathy – To truly reflect the quality of the production we needed assets that promoted the show in an original manner, yet remained in keeping with the world of “All Shook Up”. The designs should be fun, quirky and have a style in keeping with the 1950s.
  3. Fully Responsive – Every item needed a high-level of responsiveness in any given context whether it is an online / offline asset, large banner, flyer, souvenir programme or ident used in social media videos.
how to promote theatre productions flyer banner
how to promote theatre productions souvenir programme

How to Promote Theatre Productions with an Assets Archive

If we boil down how to promote theatre productions, a successful campaign requires an archive of assets that can be rolled out quickly and effectively. This includes printed items such as flyers, posters and banners, photography and production trailers.

Printed Campaign

For the printed campaign we utilised LOCAL PRINTERS to quickly deliver high quality items to the promotion team. A series of posters ranging from A4 to A2 examples as well as large quantities of A5 flyers were required. These sat alongside large scale canvas banners that scaled the theatre as well as smaller versions for placement around the local area.


A West-End quality production required photography that reflected the performance. We were invited to the “Tech” rehearsal during the Palace Theatre get-in to analyse the show and pick the locations needed for each scene. We then returned the following night to photograph the final dress rehearsal – the NIKON D90 was the perfect choice! Due to heavy time restrictions we worked throughout the night to edit each shot for the very next day; the opening night for “All Shook Up”. Photographs were processed for Front-of-House, as well as published online and on social media to amplify promotion during the theatrical run.

Theatrical Trailer

Prior to photography we shot, edited and released a trailer across social media. “All Shook Up” is full of energy and the only way to truly get this across is through film. We hired the same space that would be used for the production and spent one day shooting the company performing various hits in order to assemble a promotional trailer. This sat alongside character reveals for every principal in the cast. More videos can be found HERE.

The result of the trailer can be played below:

how to promote theatre productions all shook up photography 2
how to promote theatre productions all shook up photography 3

The Results

With theatre audiences reportedly decreasing in the local area, we were determined to buck the trend. And we did.

Tickets sales increased exponentially in the weeks building up to the show and the strategy used to compound publicity across all streams guaranteed a constantly engaged audience both online and offline. The lasting effects what was achieved during “All Shook Up” will continue to impact promotion for future LODS shows as well as driving interest from within the society. If the society is proud of it’s image, this will be reflected in everything they do.

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