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How to Design a Jewellery Website

By October 8, 2019January 25th, 2020DESIGN, DIGITAL

How to Design a Jewellery Website

We continue to collaborate with Saloukee to design and maintain SALOUKEE.COM. The original design brief allowed us to explore exactly how to design a jewellery website. Author Studios worked on around the concept of a traditional jewellery shop to promote Saloukee’s handmade range of beautiful accessories as well as commissions on individual pieces.

The business is run by Sarah and the website is centred around her work and personality. The highly personal brand is reliant on real interaction with customers in the form of social media and a constant stream of reviews that are promoted throughout the site. These ideas are combined with a large number of press features from international press to large worldwide stockists.

It was important to highlight methods to contact Saloukee through the website as well as across social media channels such as Instagram. Ultimately the contact remained real with an emphasis on a human touch – knowing that one individual is behind an incredible catalogue of work.

how to design a website ipad case study saloukee author studios
how to design a website iphone case study saloukee author studios

Developing the Ideas

The aesthetics of the brand remained clean through the site’s development. This immediately lends itself to a simple and easy-to-use interface! We reminded ourselves of keeping things simple throughout the build of the website – particularly when implementing ecommerce capabilities and the site’s checkout.

The website is centred around a regularly updated blog with considered content to inform the user of processes and other features close to the Saloukee brand. The information on the site remains fresh and there is always something new to read. Above this, the whole website environment is incredibly easy to be maintained and updated through a modified WordPress installation.

Visual assets supplied by the client and extended throughout the site remained consistent with existing features and applications. A strong palette is amplified throughout the site with beautiful photography to precisely target customers.

how to design a website macbook air case study saloukee author studios
how to design a website iphone plus case study saloukee author studios

The Website’s Results

The site’s analytics and data management is run through Google’s established website tools. It is constantly updated across all levels – whether this is the day-to-day running of simple functionality or the more complex features operating at server-level.

Month-by-month the site continues to see improvements in readers and traffic passing through. It remains secure with site-wide SSL security and if any changes do need making – it’s an easy fix!

New collections are brilliantly promoted with every launch to every-evolving catalogue,

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