Balance form & functionality

We balance form and functionality perfectly in every graphic design packaging we produce. What function does the product need to perform? Does it need to carry and/or protect? What is the best way to present the product? We apply a particular style to the finished product to create desire for it by delivering on the brand’s promise and enriching the experience with each interaction.

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Attract the customer's attention

Today’s market is very competitive that makes it harder and harder to attract the customer’s attention. A decision is made in a split second on whether or not to purchase an item. How do we make sure that in those moments the customer is going to look at your product, have the desire to pick it up and ultimately buy it? We make sure that your target audience will know your product is there.

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The perfect solution

We want to get you noticed by managing a seemingly effortless approach to colour, graphics, shape and other features applied to the product. We combine our skills in three-dimensional forms and manufacturing with graphic design to produce the perfect solution. From the creation of a design brief with the client we can start to form the basic form of the product by looking at its target audience, the volume it is expected to hold and how it will be packed and displayed. Formulating a budget will also determine materials and manufacturing processes we can consider.

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Make the impact

If the product is to be marketed on a global scale we need to formulate a new set of parameters into the project. Will the product be sold in a place where English is not spoken? We will need to consider the social attachments to colours, symbols or other cultural aspects. Companies are more aware of the need to have the correct packaging in order to make the impact they desire.

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