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We are devoted fashion photographers for clothing and items to be featured in advertisements and magazines, and enhancing the aesthetics with locations and accessories. The emphasis does not always lie in the clothing itself but rather the general mood and styling of a particular image. A certain lifestyle is portrayed where accessories and garments merely act as components to assist in painting the overall scene.

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All in the balance

It can be a very complex process to balance background textures with dramatic clothing and make-up styles. Extra processes can often complicate other areas in the photography including lighting and the quantity of equipment often required. This can be anything up to 10 or more lights to get that perfect shot! However, sometimes one light is enough to get that dramatic look. At the end of the day it is all about the effect of the lighting and not about quantity.

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Deep-rooted knowledge

We are an ambitious studio that is dedicated to our service. We operate well under pressure and have a deep-rooted knowledge of the fashion world. Our outstanding creative and technical skills in the world of photography allows us to experiment fully and explore new ideas and techniques in the industry. Excellent communication with the client and models bring together a strong network of individuals that can be relied upon, as well as going towards creating a brief that can be followed in a highly creative manner.

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Innovative fashion photography

Of course it pays dividends by being highly organised; our studio is highly controlled and directing full creative teams is often a necessity in the industry. An excellent sense of visual composition and perspective allow us to manipulate images to an exceptionally high level.

Demand for original and innovative fashion photography solutions has never been higher. By understanding trends and how to take striking image that sell your brand make us an ideal choice for your next project.

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Fashion photographers at the heart of Leigh-on-Sea

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