Build loyalty & trust

We undertake emarketing communication via emails and newsletters to market commercial messages to your customers. Every email sent to a potential or current customer could all be considered part of the marketing. We consider every possibility from adverts, business requests, solicit sales and/or donations; all to build loyalty trust and brand awareness.

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Enhance a relationship

We also consider the effectiveness of sold lists vs. a current customer database. The ultimate goal is enhance a relationship that you have with your current and previous customers. This will lead to repeat business, acquiring new customers and convincing current customers to buy something immediately. This philosophy can also be extended to adding advertisements to messages sent by other companies.

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Visually stunning email templates

We produce visually stunning email templates that cost on images to sell your brand and these can be split across different types. Transactional emails can be setup that are the result of a trigger on a customer’s action with your company. These can all be set up through your website, so predefined messages are sent automatically without you even having to think about it. Information is conveyed clearly and simply. Open rates are far higher than email newsletters, so this is your golden opportunity to target customers with question features and cross-sell/up-sell product services.

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Targeted & personalised

Email newsletter vendors also offer transactional email support, and this gives us the opportunity to build promotional messages into the body of the mail. Targeted and personalised transactional email messages and specific marketing campaigns can be used for an individual or a group of customers.

The design of our email campaigns are flexible to brands of any size, large or small. Your store or website can be instantly connected to your messages making the whole online process seamless. Automation is at the heart of every campaign so you can concentrate on other important things.

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