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Digital Colourist Website Design

By October 18, 2019December 9th, 2020DESIGN, DIGITAL, PHOTOGRAPHY

Digital Colourist Website for Rebecca Goodeve

We work closely with Rebecca Goodeve’s digital colourist website to make sure her brand’s image reflects the same high quality as the work produced for her clients. In 2015, she decided to move from her career at Technicolor to establish herself as a freelance film colourist in London & Essex. The freedom allowed her to effectively be her own boss whereby a healthy balance between personal and business life could be established, she could build and run her own grading suite as well as take on a variety of projects. Long-term goals including increasing her network of contacts, meeting new people involved in every production and opening a facility for remote sessions all factor into the business’s success.

Digital Colourist Website Launch & Marketing

We established Rebecca’s niche in an industry dominated by experts of a particular demographic and pushed her work above that of her peers. We knew if it was seen by the right audience that the quality would speak for itself. But we knew that this would take time – six months in fact, and once launched the site would need constant nurturing to remain competitive. At the correct moment we broadened the website’s offer to cement it’s rightful position at the top of Google.

digital colourist website rebecca goodeve grading suite monitors
digital colourist website rebecca goodeve design
digital colourist website rebecca goodeve logo

Allowing the Content to Speak for Itself

We knew by promoting Rebecca’s work in front of the correct audience that it would speak for itself. The initial organic promotion is simply the catalyst to a much larger publicity plan. The main objective to the exercise is to kick-start word-of-mouth to compound repeat clients with new faces brought through from recommendations. These reviews would be archived digitally through tools such as Google and Facebook to drive traffic from the kind words of her clients.

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