Social Media Management

The most successful platforms focus primarily on image-based content from thorough social media management.

Content is becoming more and more visual. The most successful platforms focus primarily on image-based content. In order for businesses to evolve in this environment is to implement a branding strategy that is visually strong. Social media managers look at what your content looks like – your profile picture, cover photo and in particular, your posts. Images are processed better and faster than words, which increases social engagement.

There are 5 components that we build into every social media campaign in order to retain consistency: colour, fonts, images, layouts and above all simplicity. New businesses and established ones adopt these principles and place them into their social media strategy.


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Social Media Management:

1. Colour

Every well-known brand you see uses a very specific set of colours time-and-time-again. These are utilised in their logo, text and imagery. As a general rule we choose between 2 and 4 to utilise across your social media management. Over time your followers will become familiar with your brand. There is also a great deal of psychology linked to colour selection; the colour red can evoke excitement and passion whilst blue can symbolise technology and trust. If you are a young brand, why not consider the use of bright colours? Or if you want to feel more welcoming then maybe look to pastel colour palettes.

2. Font

A font library can also account for a lot of the brand’s personality. Strong fonts can create impact whilst a simpler selection can look timeless. As a general rule of thumb, we consider using three fonts for your brand and use them consistently. This is a font for titles and headings, one for subtitles and one for the body of text.


3. Images & Filters

Just like colours and fonts, images also need to be consistent. Choosing the correct photography is one step, however selecting the right filter goes towards a lot on social media management. This can be a sun-drenched filter that evokes summer.

4. Layout

Templates can speed up the design process. For example, producing a document to keep logo positioning consistent can make sure elements of your brand work in harmony. When implementing these ideas it is key that you remember every platform carries different dimensions, this can’t stop you from being consistent however!

5. Keep Things Simple

Like always, it’s easy to get carried away with so many great ideas buzzing around your head. However simplicity is always best. By reducing clutter, you are much more likely to get your point across. Everything should have a reason for being there.

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