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Creative book covers are more popular than ever with the surge in ebook publishing making it easier for authors to lead and manage the full publication process. Ideas can be circulated fast and effectively around the world, and a book’s artwork can be just as popular as the literature itself.

We publish creative book covers using illustrations and photographs for dust jackets, magazines and other materials. Our exciting designs promote the product with aesthetic function and fit within the artistic landscape of the final product. We can all be guilty of judging a book by its cover from time-to-time and it is true that by placing time and attention into a book cover, it goes a long way to sell more units. Three simple features go into the design and manufacture…

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Item No. 01

Great graphics

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Suitable fonts

Item No. 03

Good materials

A single idea

Before we design concepts for our creative book covers, we create a brief that focuses on the message and ideas that the author is putting across. We ask ourselves: How can this book be broken down into one single idea to be communicated? To answer this we look to what the readers are looking for – it can be anything from inspiration to achievement, knowledge to romance or possibly even murder and revenge!

Discuss your creative book cover brief

Stop people in their tracks!

Focussing on one value helps us to generate ideas and visual references to determine imagery, colour, typography and layout to ultimately capture what the book is about. The idea is to create excitement. It is an essential tool in an author’s arsenal and it something that is used to evoke interest. Stop people in their tracks! The genre should be clear and indisputable allowing the customer to immediately determine whether or not they should buy the book. We like to keep things simple, and often, a minimal style is seen to be a timeless example of a great book cover design. Ultimately it helps to focus on the book’s title and author’s name which is everything we want from our designs.

Discuss your creative book cover brief

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