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Commercial Photography Essex UK: We undertake projects for commercial use involving adverts, merchandising and products. These in turn can be incorporated into business stationery such as brochures, leaflets and other similar uses where the imagery is served to enhance a piece of text. We actively use these methods to sell your product or service looking to traditional and alternative to get the best results.

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Focus on form

When selling an individual or group of products, we focus on a range of aspects. This could be a property of the product that needs to be communicated visually to the viewer such as a material / form or it could focus on functional aspects such as interactive elements of electronic equipment. Our commercial photography reveals the detail and feel of a product to every customer whilst our advertising photography looks to status and what attracts a person to a product.

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Promote your business

We often use commercial photography to promote businesses and specific parts of their company. We can arrange photoshoots in studio environments or in an isolated environment, however we can also produce material that might take place on site. Architectural and building photography is also undertaken where the place of business itself is seen as the product.

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Adverts and editorials

Fashion photography is used in advertisements and editorials for online / printed magazines. We focus on the entire detail of clothing or we can produce editorial shots which look to the clothes for unusual shots for particularly dynamic examples. Again the environments are constantly changing, a factor that our studio can adapt to.

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