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Producing graphic symbols, icons and marks to represent businesses, people and organisations is a passion of ours – the idea of producing a mark that may eventually be used simply used in its basic form (without the name of the brand itself) is an exciting idea. To detach yourself and be recognised by a symbol is a true mark of a successful logo. We produce business logo design, logotypes and wordmarks to suit different purposes within your business. These can be separate entities are be combined under the same concept. They can be seen as very separate devices, whilst in other designs there is no clear separation of the symbol from the typography used.

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Recognisable and memorable

But what exactly is a log in its simplest form? The design world associates a logo with identification. It separates the product or service through the use of marks, flags, symbols or signatures. It may not sell a company directly or describe the business itself. Stripped to its core the logo is associated from qualities held by the thing it is symbolising. The logo doesn’t explain the business, it serves no purpose other than to identify. It isn’t about what it looks like but rather the meaning behind it. Using a logo is very much like associating people with names. We like to be called Sam and Jon, not the “the guy who wears skinny jeans” or “the guy with the beard”. The logo can’t explain exactly what the business does and nor should it be expected to, however it should be recognisable and memorable.

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The business in its simplest form

The key to a logos success only happens after it becomes familiar, and analysing whether or not it is functioning in the way it was originally intended. This is similar to how we must learn each other’s names! Stripping the business or product to its simplest form should reveal the logo.

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