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Graphic Design Business Cards: It is your identity and connection to the product or service, shared from person-to-person. We believe a good business card needs to focus on an overall image that is both unique and innovative to a specific customer. Nothing is based on existing templates as we aim to produce exclusive designs that fit to your brand. The key message needs to be communicated across a small area.

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Project your story

To project a whole story is difficult, however you should expect an image that people will remember. Colour, wording and the texture of your card in particular go a long way in presenting your company’s image and the appeal it can hold to convey information.  However simple common sense helps when choosing the correct design. For example, businesses that might sell products aimed at children might want to consider bright colours and typefaces that suit the end consumer. Financial services are different where reliability is key, and traditional layouts more than often are chosen.

Discuss your business card design

Built on fundamentals

We bring the client into a creative environment to fully understand your requirements. Take a look at some of the business cards that you’ve been given over the years and see what things you like and features that have failed in your eyes. We try to stick to a basic set of rules built from the fundamentals that we have learnt over the years, in order to break them and have fun with your unique design!

Discuss your business card design

The logo should act as the primary basis for the initial idea.

Typefaces should be easily readable.

Like all creative projects, keep it simple. Do not cram too much information on it.

Keep colours to a minimum that have been selected your chosen palette.

Focus on the essentials – your names, title, address and contact details all fit into this.

The real fun begins when you receive them!

Business card design at the heart of Leigh-on-Sea

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