Your promise to the customer

We specialise in the practice of creating a single body of work looking at the name, icons and brand design associated in differentiating your products and/or services from competitors. By building an effective strategy, we can give you the edge in competitive markets. Your brand design essentially get across your promise to every customer. You need to get across the expectations, and the key features that single you out over your competitors. Your brand should directly extend from the person you are, who you want to be and the perception that people have of you.

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The fundamentals of your brand

Lots of aspects can be considered when building the fundamentals of your brand. Are you an innovator? Are you experienced and reliable? Are the products you offer of high quality and value, or do they serve a smaller percentage of the population? You need to determine these factors from the beginning to avoid dilution of your brand. Essentially, you need to base a lot of these on who your customers want you to be.

Branding can be stripped back to a single component, the logo. Other items that go into building a complex system are all centred on this component. Your website, packaging and other material all need to include this feature to sufficiently communicate your business.

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Deliver your brand's message

Once a strategy is put in place it is time to deliver your brand’s message. The locations of your advertisements, distribution channels and communication through visual and verbal means is all part of your long-term objectives. By staying consistent with a strong strategy brings added value the brand’s products and services which in turn allows you to charge more against your competitors. Powerful brand equity as at the core to every project and customers will continue to pay that higher price.

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Your journey

A quality and emotional attachment to the brand is transferred to the consumer, where they become part of your journey of self-discovery (from a business sense!) It is a lengthy process that pays off in the long-run.

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To speed up the process however you can refer to some initial pointers to get you headed off in the right direction:

Delve into the company’s mission

List the benefits and reasons your customers use you

What do followers already think of you?

Features are associated with your company?

What are the habits of current and future followers?

You need to know what they are thinking.

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